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Clipping paths is one of the essential services to provide you a sharp, clean, and transparent image; thus, you can use it any of your working purposes. There are lots of Photoshop clipping path service provider company are exist in online, but among these, we are work as a different method with excellent customer service. There is no unhappy customer who takes our service. There are lots of clipping paths experts in our company that’s make our work too speedy and excellent.

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What is Clipping Path?

Clipping Path is known as deep etching service to removing the background from an image by using photoshop pen tools. In the process drawn a closed vector path or shape for cut-out specific area in a 2D image. When clipping path applied, eliminate the area which outside the vector path; only inside area are visible in output.

Clipping path is a service which is work for editing images for using it on the different purpose of business. The people who have an own business area they must need the clean, and transparent image. For providing these facilities we start our clipping path service and make the team who are working for image editing, background removing from an image, add something on existing image and so on services.

Photo Clipping Service Photoshop Clipping Path Service
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How Clippingster Works


Make a quote request for the images need to editing with details about your photo project.


Our assistant offers/make proposals for your project based on quote within 45 minutes or less over the mail.


We are waiting for your confirmation, give us the green signals to move onward with your project.


Get your images in as little as six hours after the three steps quality control process.


With Clipppingster, increase your product sales, generate more revenue and makes your clients happy!

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Why the Clipping Path is Necessary

If you decide to use your dull product images without any modification, it goes against your business. Which keeps you behind in the competitive market? To skipping the situation using clipping paths, that makes your ordinary image look glossy and enchanting.

We assist you in growing up your sales by provides smart image editing solutions. There is a free trial opportunity to test our path services.

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Attractive Photos

Clipping path removes unwanted flaws and mistakes form your product images to attract shopper’s attention.

Boost Sales

Our Photo Paths Service offers an attractive and appealing product image that makes anyone interested in buying.

Professional Photography

Every photographer removes unwanted elements and changes the entire background by using our image clipping path services to make their photos perfect.

Fashion Industry

The highly competitive fashion industries require glamorous images to achieving more engagement than their rivals.
clipping path image
clipping path image
clipping path image
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Who needs clipping path and image cut-out services?

Image Clipping Paths is badly needed for that person who is an owner of a website, and he has a website or e-commerce site or for a manager of a company that requires a lot of unique and transparent images every day.

Our clipping path services totally fulfill these options for our customers by providing individual, edited quality images as much as they want, if you are want to remove your image background by using a photo editing software, so it’s very good for you. There are many processes available for getting your image quality. The photo clipping path is most of the necessary elements for developing the image portion. To use these images on your business purpose, you have a short time around to deliver pictures. This is why a businessman or companies need an image clipping service.

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When to use clipping path

The uses area of clipping path service is covered in a considerable area of the business field. Nowadays, every business must need promotion or advertisement, and for publication, companies must need clean and transparent images to use in a different part of advertising. A company who needs a clear picture of their product for giving the complete description to make attention their buyer they can use image clipping service to get all the fresh vision of their product.

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clipping path work
clipping path work
clipping path work
clipping path work
image clipping path services
image clipping path service
clipping path work
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When not to use clipping path

If an image has a solid background that makes your product excellent, then you may not use a clipping path. An image which consists a transparent background is also no need for clipping. In many similar cases if you did not use clipping path you don’t face any problem while you are going to work with it. It is also don’t need without e-commerce business.

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We serve different types clipping path image depend difficulty

Types of Clipping Path


Basic Clipping Path

Basic clipping path is a primary category for clipping path services. It uses for an image which has a straight boundary or general curve boundary, such as, any shaped object like- rectangular, triangular, circular, trapezoidal, and so on similar of these.

basic clipping path basic clipping path

Simple Clipping Path

It is a service that quickly and removes the background from an image. This type may be traced to the outline of the image so that it can be used in a layout program such as a simple clipping path. For a simple photo clipping path, we only utilize the highly precise pen tool to identify outline areas of an image. Outline choosing is a primary thing to remove the background from an image. We prepare the image for a magazine with a pair of scissors.

simple clipping path simple clipping path

Medium Clipping Path

The medium Clipping Path is the most effective background knockout technique used in extracting the image without affecting the quality of images. Medium Clipping Path is done on items or products prototyping several basic shapes, compound shapes, complex shapes, or any compounds or square shapes. Medium Clipping Path technique requires a maximum of thirty or forty-five minutes for removing images from their background with maximum accuracy. These are Images have a maximum of fifteen embedded transparency and have numerous curves. Such as pieces of jewelry, kitchenware and kitchen appliances, goggles, sunglasses, fashion item, glasses, bottle, cosmetics, handbags, furniture, and so on of similar things.

Medium Clipping path Medium Clipping path

Complex Clipping Path

Complex clipping path is done on products prototyping complex shapes that require maximum an hour for hand drawing clipping path and knocking out the background from an image with maximum accuracies, such as, pieces of jewelry, flower bouquet, natural items, animals and so on like these.

Complex Clipping Path Complex Clipping Path

Multiple Clipping Path

Multiple Clipping Path is a sophisticated form of Clipping Paths which is also known as Color Gradient, color path. It means the use of more than two type of paths for conducting clipping of an image. With this technique, we can separate colors from every item of images, change an object’s direction, its size, and opacity s to give an image a new, transparent and a fresh look. It is achieved by using Photoshop’s Pen tool and is more laborious as compared to the normal clipping path.

Multiple Clipping Path Multiple Clipping Path

Super Complex Clipping Path

Super Complex Clipping Path is done on items prototyping complex shapes that require more than an hour for a hand-drawn clipping path with accuracy. The characteristic of images that require a super complex clipping path is they have either many curves or various embedded transparencies. However, the pictures that need Super Complex Clipping Paths Service have both. Such as fine edge jewelry, large flower bouquet, tree, landscape, flowers, animals with raising hair, models, and human images with raising and flying manes, images with numerous curves and holes.

Super Complex Clipping Path Super Complex Clipping Path
Product Image Editing Service

Why We’re The Best Clipping Path Service Provider Company

Great cut out work for both simple and complex antique studio photos. No straight polygonal lasso lines where they should not be. All photo-shoot supportive stands and wires carefully removed. Excellent work and always delivers on time. I have been working with them for a long time.

Yuri EfremovProduct Manager, Grabriel NYC.

Clippingster does an excellent job for us, with consistency, and excellent work. Getting the job done right the first time, every time, helps us be efficient. Keep up the great work!

Dominick GabrielFounder, Gabriel NYC

Awesome work. Some of the images were of a comb and hairbrush, and in everyone, the teeth of the comb and the bristles of the brush were perfectly clipped, which saved me huge of work.

Walter EvansFounder, Petco Inc

Clippingster provided us speedy service and a highly responsive team. If there is ever any confusion, we can sort it out quickly. Images are sent back as high-resolution files, and the work is done well.

Makoto UchidaPresident, Nissan

Clippingster saved me so much time, and the intricate clipping paths were done correctly as I expected from them. Thanks!

Wilber FrankInstructor, Pet Grooming

The Benefits of Clipping Path Service

Nowadays, photo clipping services are vastly used by those in the field of image editing helps in enhancing an image by using a vector path according to the need of the customer. This service is also applying for removing the background from the photos and giving them the required look. 

Our clipping path company “Clippingster” proves to be useful in areas like background selection, image resizing, color corrections, removing the background from an image and layering background what are you want to select. The process of image clipping path is a technique that involves cutting off the unwanted section of the image from the rest of the picture.

The service, which has been fast gaining immense popularity, is now being availed by some industries dealing in catalogs, brochure sites, magazines, jewelry designing, etc. As compared to image editing, clipping services offer numerous benefits. We are providing efficient and quick services that come as a perfect solution for the customers and our clients.

Benefits of Clipping Path Service

Frequently Asked Questions about Clipping Path Service

What does clipping path mean?

Using image-editing software to cut out a particular object from the 2D image. We create a closed path or shape for that specific part, which is called a clipping path in the language of graphic design. Anything inside the path will remain after the clipping path is applied; the rest of the outside exclude from the output.

What is the best software for making Clipping Path?

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best software to make Clipping Path. It is trendy because of its extensive set of tools. Its tool for drawing the clipping path is straightforward to use.

What is the tool that is used for creating clipping path in Photoshop?

Photoshop implements multiple tools that are using for the separate your object from an existing image. It provides Magic Wand Tools, Magnetic Lasso Tools, Quick Mask Tools, and Pen Tools. Pen Tool is highly useful for creating the Clipping Path to cut out your object by excluding its background.

Does the automatic clipping path making tool provide an accurate result?

Many online tools exist in serving automated background remove from the image. That’s work in a bulk method in short executing times. These tools don’t provide you an accurate result; sometimes, it changed the shape of your objects. We suggest using a hand-drawn clipping path photo service to getting your object in exact shape and size.

Express Turn Around Time

We are committed to delivering your image within the specified time that you mention when placing an order. Our regular Turn-Around Time is 24 hrs. If you want to delivery than short, we charge you extra.

Best Clipping Path Company

As the best clipping path service provider, we hard to assure the best service that you expect from us. We always deliver your images in a deadline with high and standard quality without losing the quality of your raw image.

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